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If you have ever wished you could transfer the iOS experience to your PC, or have developed an iOS app that you need to test, you may be looking for an iOS emulator. Let’s look at some of the best iOS emulators available for use on PC. 

Best iOS Emulators for Developers

#1) Smartface

Smartface is a very safe and secure iOS and Android emulator for PC that is exclusively for developers. It offers developers cross-platform development opportunities for their apps. It has a very clean and user-friendly interface. It has various different subscription programs at different prices, but you can start for free. 

#2) Appetize.io

Appetize.io is another emulator service that has a veTry good reputation in the developer community for its simplicity and ease of use. All you have to do is visit their website, upload your app, and start testing. It offers multiple variations of iOS, depending on the iOS device you will be making your app for.

For example, different generations of iPhone, iPad, etc. It is a freemium service, which means you can use it for free with limited features, but premium features come with a price. 

#3) Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio is another very versatile iOS for Windows that offers many capabilities for the professional developer. It offers emulation of various different iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. It also can be run on different machines, which greatly increases the portability of the developer’s workflow.

WebKit and Chrome debugging tools have also been integrated into the emulator which attracts many developers. It can also be easily integrated with Visual Studio on Windows. It is available for a free 7-day trial, after which it can be fully purchased at a one-time cost. 

#4) MobiOne Studios

This is an emulator that was discontinued by its makers; however, it can still be used by anyone who wishes to. It also offers great cross-platform capabilities, so if you are developing an app for both Android, it can easily allow you to simulate it on both platforms.

It is a powerful software that can run any iOS apps on a laptop PC without facing any problems. Developers should like this emulator because it can enable them to also test apps at different resolutions and iOS platforms, enabling them to develop for as wide an audience.

However, the lack of support from the maker may be an issue for some. It is available to download for free on the internet. 

Best iOS Emulators for Gamers

#5) iMame

This is an emulator that is not really for the developer; rather, it is for the average user that would just like to run iPhone apps on his PC. This is because it doesn’t offer any testing, debugging, or development features. Its main thrust is on running iOS games.

An advantage to using this emulator is that it is not very power-intensive, which is useful for users who may not own powerful workstations. Another feature is that it has a very simple user interface. It can be downloaded for free on the internet.

iPad Simulators

#6) iPadian

iPadian is an emulator that is slightly more niche as it caters to simulating iPad interfaces on PC. It is not a proper emulator; rather, it only simulates the iOS interface on a PC. It also cannot run all App Store apps, but it does have a native app store, on which you can choose apps to run.

It also requires another software to run properly, known as Adobe Air. It is a very power-efficient program that also has a clean interface that offers a close facsimile of the iPad experience.

It also has a wide selection of apps to choose from on its native app store. It is available as a one-time purchase for a total of 25 USD.

Best iOS Emulators for Security Staff

#7) Corellium

Corellium is an iOS emulator that is used mainly by security researchers to run an iOS system on their PCs. It runs within a web browser. It also has a very fine pedigree since its makers were the earliest to make jailbreak services for iPhones. This means that it is a very reliable software that is used by professionals and businesses.

It used to only be available for purchase to enterprises since its makers are very sensitive about their creation. However, recently, it has also become available to individual buyers.

They have two subscription plans available, 99 USD/ month for 2 core CPUs, and 295 USD/ month for 6 core CPUs.

iPhone Simulators

#8) iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator is an emulation software that simulates an iPhone on a PC. Its main focus is on running mobile games, so it has good graphical capabilities.

However, this does mean that it has higher power requirements than some other emulators. It is also only capable of simulating the iPhone, so is not useful for other iOS devices.

It is a niche emulator that caters to developers working on iOS games. It is also available for free on the internet.

#9) Air iPhone

As its name might suggest, Air iPhone is an emulator that runs on the framework that Adobe’s Adobe Air provides. Therefore, to be able to run it, you will need to install it concurrently with Adobe Air.

However, since Adobe Air is such powerful software, you will see that this is an advantage to AIr iPhone. It can simulate the iPhone interface on your PC through a virtual screen. It is available on the internet for free. 

Best free-to-use iOS Emulators

#10) App.io

App.io is another very useful emulator for iOS on PC. It has the advantage of being very easy to install and simple to use. It can also be used to test cross-platform apps.

However, its biggest advantage is that it is completely free to use. This also attracts many non-developer users to it, who just want to play iOS games on their PC. It is available to download for free on the internet.

This was quite an extensive list of iOS emulators that people may use on their PCs. I have tried to include as many different types of emulators as possible, for their different types of users. 

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