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The total number of Apps in Google Play has now grown to around 2.5 million since December 2018. There are a couple of Apps with identical functionalities.

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So, you donโ€™t need to try them all, because we have saved your some time by way of compiling a list of some high-quality, free Android apps and also paid Android apps of all time. 

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We have made a list below considering user rankings, app capabilities, and popularity. The Android apps stand on the pinnacle of the pantheon. 

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These are some of the essential Android apps that you should have in your Android phone in 2019.

Google play music and Youtube app

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Google Play does not generally propose streaming services to its users. Every user has different choices, and every user considers that one is better than another.

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Google play consists of music videos, instructional films, information videos, critiques, video games, music, and much more. Youtube music should replace google play music subsequently. 

Weather app

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Weather app is a pleasant climate app accessible. It functions a simple, paginated design that suggests you the current weather, the forecast for up to 12 weeks, a radar, and different laugh stats about climatic conditions. You will get a relatively decent set of lightly customizable widgets like excessive weather notifications and a detector. By the help of radar, you can see the condition of storms near you.

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Possibly its attractive characteristic is its minimal design which shows you the weather and fun statistics, whenever you need. 

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Different fantastic weather apps include dark sky, weather underground, and today climate.


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Whatsapp is fast, simple, immediately messaging software in which customers can communicate with one another by way of the smartphone’s internet carrier.

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It gives you the ability to send text messages and voice messages, percentage hyperlinks, images, and location, make video calls, and so forth. Watsapp is supposed to be one of the best android messaging apps.

Google drive app

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Google Drive app is cloud storage to be had on android wherein all new customers get 15gb permanently without spending a single penny just upon signing up. You could buy extra if needed. What makes google drive so unique are the suite of Android apps that are connected to it. 

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They encompass google docs, google sheets, google slides, google photos, Gmail, and Google calendar. 

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Some of the capabilities of these apps encompass live collaboration, deep sharing functions, and compatibility with Microsoft workplace files. Microsoft office has a similar setup with one drive and workplace.

Pics art app

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Pics art is one of the favored photograph editing apps for android with over 100 million downloads. By the wide variety of options, you may be overwhelmed by what you have got for customizing your pictures.

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It has a social network for sharing images within the app. Its functions encompass drawing on photographs, frames, stickers, cropping, clone device, tilt-shift, and a lot more. The app is free of charges with a few in-app purchases.

Automate app

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Automate lets you automate diverse responsibilities by the use of simple flowcharts. You could automate device settings to perform tasks like converting extent, Bluetooth, GPS, and so on.

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It even permits you to show responsibilities primarily based on region, time of the day, battery degree, and many different events. With this top-notch app, you can automate nearly anything to your android tool. It is certainly one of the best apps for android.

Tiny scanner app

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The small scanner is a scanner utility that can scan each type of record and store them as photograph documents or as pdfs. You could name and organize the scanned files and share them via electronic mail, keep in dropbox, google power, and so on.

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It comes with many scanner functions consisting of color, grayscale and black & white scans, web page aspect removal, sorting scans by date and time, adjusting page sizes, etc. The App is optimized to run faster, and you could additionally defend your files with a passcode.

Gesture app

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The gesture app commonly provides iPhone x navigation tablet at the bottom and helps you to place one of a kind gestures to your cell phone. You could even change the appearance of the navigation button. Because android nine supports just a few android devices currently, this pinnacle android app virtually need to be on your tool.

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Alarmy app

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When you have a dependency of skipping your morning alarm, Alarmy app is best to help you to get out of your cozy bed. To break your morning laziness almary consist of talking clock with stopwatch and timers. 

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This useful app additionally includes a photographing mode in which you could flip off the alarm by clicking a picture of a registered vicinity. Safely to say, “the most annoying app,” and it goes in your favor.ย  This alarm app must be a part of your set of cool android apps.

Addiction tracker App

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Addiction tracker is an all-in-one aim tracker app for android. In this app, you set customized goals like today could be a hit day when I consume apples, (at least/precisely/no longer extra than) times a day.

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You may additionally take part in the in-app forums to have interaction with users having similar dreams. Accept as accurate with it, or no longer, that is the first-rate Google app that you should upload on your health regime.

Walli app

walli app
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Walli app is not only a wallpaper app, but it is also an entire innovative area for artist and dressmaker from all around the world. The wallpapers are curated every day by using the Walli group. 

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The wallpaper app is easy to apply. Moreover, signing up at the software also syncs all of the wallpapers over unique devices. Of course, there are tons of millions of wallpapers spread across individual apps. However, this one is honestly the best android app for wallpapers.

Lastpass password manager app

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Lastpass is one of the must to-have Android apps. It is a password manager app that lets you purchase your login credentials in a secure, comfy way. 

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It is all controlled with a master password. It has move-platform help so you can apply it to computer systems, cell gadgets, tablets, or something. 

last pass app
Source: last pass

There are several extraordinary options like 1password, dash lane, bit warden, keep Android and others which might be pretty much as good. However, LastPass feels a bit more secure and friendly, mainly with its new authenticator app.

Pulse SMS or Android messages app

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There are a ton of excellent SMS apps. However, this one stands above the rest. Pulse SMS capabilities are theming, gif guide, password protected conversations, a blacklist for spammers, twin-sim help, and more. Android Messages is a little more straightforward; however, it is simple, and it gets the task accomplished. 

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Android messages are free of cost while Pulse charges either a monthly subscription or a single $10.99 charge

Swiftkey app

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Swiftkey keyboard is one of the most influential and customizable third generation keyboards. It hit the market several years ago, swiftkey keyboard is supposed to be the best keyboard app.

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It is free to download, and you can purchase themes for it in case you want to. Other functions encompass a dedicated full variety row. A swift essential flow allows for gesture typing, more than one language assist, pass-device syncing of your library, and plenty more. 

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Tick tick app

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Tick tick is not as famous as other to-do list apps. But, it can be a high-quality one. It covers the basics like regular duties, reminders, push notifications, numerous organizational features, and classes. The app also helps you to share tasks and entire courses with different people. It is also brilliant for stuff like grocery lists. 

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Zedge app

zedge app
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It is a wallpaper, ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones app that gives you an improbable range of options to personalize the essential components of your tool. On pinnacle of having an exhaustive collection of factors, Zedge additionally promotes various gadgets. 

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Google duo app

google duo
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Google duo app is one of the excellent video calling apps for android with an easy interface. It is quite easy to log in and verify your quantity, and you could make rapid video calls much like building a fashionable smartphone call.

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Evernote app

evernote app
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Evernote is a pass-platform utility for 2019 to take notes in a variety of codecs, such as text, photographs, audio, video, sketches and more. It is miles one tool you need to preserve your self prepared in these days’ aggravating lifestyles.

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Source: android authority

It syncs throughout all your gadgets to facilitate workflow. Evernote also has home-display screen widgets for brief access on your notes. It’s by far one of the most important Android apps for each user.

WPS app

wps app
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With all-in-one functions, WPS is a free office suite application. It is entirely well-matched with Microsoft phrase, Excel, PowerPoint, and integrates pdf, shows, spreadsheets, memo, Google docs, and many others

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The WPS app additionally comes with a free pdf converter, reader, editor, at the side of file-sharing abilities, helps multi-window mode, information encryption, etc. It is far more intuitive and easy to apply, and you may additionally hook up with the cloud pressure to automatically keep your documents to the cloud platform. Overall, it is one of the excellent Android office apps.

Es file explorer app

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Es file explorer is one of the most popular Android file manager apps with all the essential functions. It comes with an area analyzer to help you open up the area in your tool.

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Es file supervisor also comes with an app manager where you may uninstall or backup apps. 

Mx player app

mx player
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This video player for Android helps almost all the original video and audio record codecs. It packs a variety of features consisting of enhancement of subtitle time frames, fast-forwarding and extent manage features, features for zooming inside and out of a video, on-display screen child lock and lots of more.

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Mx participant is available for FREE with ads. Moreover, it comes with extra plugins for added functionalities.

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