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Today the technology is getting more advances and revolutionizing the world every single day to make it a much better place. Smartphones are one of the most amazing inventions of a modern era.

Some of the mobile phones are providing such a cool user experience & are coming along with their amazing features of security but some of the mobile phones are not supported with that much security, as we usually need.

Mobile phone security requires Pin, Pattern, fingerprint and face ID scanner as well to unlock your phone, because as we know that we all have some secret photos and Videos that we usually do not want to show it to other people. Do you agree with me?

secure data

If you want to hide your photographs of your Mobile from others spying eyes then you are on the right track. In this article, we will show you how to secure your private information and data.

Plus, we will also teach you how to be fearless about giving your mobile Phone to others without being any fear of others invasion in your private data.

So, here we will tell you about the most amazing apps to inspire your mobile security experience. Plus, how it protects your personal data in the best way possible. Besides, we’re going to cover All the Secret apps on Android and IOS.

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Table Of Contents

For Android
The Screen Vault – Considered as on the best Security Vault
Keep Safe Photo Vault – Best Safeguard media app
CM Locker – Security Lock screen – Best app to secure your confidential data
App lock Fingerprint -Best app to capture the Intruder’s
Vault-Hide Pictures & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup – Best app to browse the internet privately
Norton App Lock – Best Parental Control App
Vault -the Best app with Top Features
Cover Me Private Text and calls  -Best IOS security Vault
Private Photo Vault – Bets Media Vault
Best Secret Folder –Best IOS Special Design Secret Vault App
Photo Lock Vault Photo Album -Best Internet Privately Surfing Vault
Secret Calculator(Best Decoy app)
Keep safe Photo vault –Best Protection Layer
Secret | Photo Vault, Safe Vault Lock & Hide personal Photos
OnlyFans Photos: HiddenVault

Let us begin!

Top 7 Secrets Apps for Android to Secure your Private Data

Might be you would ask that, what are Secret apps ? Good question,

Let me tell you, secrets apps are those kinds of apps, which allows users to secure, there sensitive information including email, text messages, picture, videos &other stuff on top. Got it?

Let’s move on.

Our entire individual life is blended inside the cell phone we highlight along in our pockets. We catch a photographs wreck & recordings to whom we all need to kept them private.

In case you are an android user, you do not have to stress, as there are a few extraordinary applications to cover photographs, videos & other documents on iPhone & android too.

If you feel panic when you forward your Phone to the other person and you got to know that you have personal and sensitive data that you don’t want to show anyone else, including documents, emails, images, videos, and other necessary files as well. So here at the point, you need a way to keep it away from intrusive eyes.

Without wasting your valuable time in discussion, let us get started.

#1 The Screen Vault – Considered as on the best Security Vault

Are you looking to hide your secrets ?

If you have secrets then hide them, here comes the screen Vault which is considered as one of the best androids apps which provide maximum security to hide your pictures, messages, applications, videos content, documents, contacts numbers, call logs and all kind of documents and files on your smartphone.

Besides, the Screen Vault lets you allow hiding every single bit of your data. It is the most popular app on android regarding security reasons. It will turn your all-personal data into its secure vault.

The interesting feature of this app is that it will create secret contacts call logs and text messages besides default messages, call logs and contacts.

Lastly, the secret log is created just to provide a user with an extra security experience just by not letting others dive into your privacy.

#2 Keep Safe Photo Vault – Best Safeguard media app

Are you an android user ? If yes then you must had heard about the keep safe photo vault as it is considered as one the most amazing app for the media and social data concerns.

This app has been getting better and been updated from the last several years by its developer to make it more amazing to add new features. Plus, to make it clear and cleaner and to make it user-friendly.

The security authentication is Pin, pattern and figure print lock options to access the data folder. This app enables you to customize the data folder into a grid, which makes it categorized and clutter-free. To keep your data safe and to never get it lost you can back up your data into your private cloud folder.

The bonus feature of this app is that it has fake logins and break-in alerts it will provide you with the picture of the Intruder with the failed login date and time would be sent to the security email that you had entered in the app.

#3 CM Locker – Security Lock screen – Best app to secure your confidential data

If you’re looking for extra Mobile security then, believe me, the CM locker is one of the most preferable app locker applications for individuals.

It’s not only the phone locker but it can perform a lot more other functions for your Phone. It will give you a beautiful new look by adding a theme you love, you can find a lot of variety.

Once you installed the CM locker, you can start customizing its features; it will change your wallpaper daily and can show you the weather of the chosen city. I think this feature should be appreciated.

Apart from all features, It encourages you to shield your private information from the misbehaving individuals who need to take your information.

It has many specific features and many types of locking systems, including Pin, pattern, and fingerprint lock. It also, secretly take the selfie of the person who tries to look into your Phone.

The anti-theft protection feature will allow you to control your Phone remotely by locating it and to lock it, all you need is to link your CM locker with Facebook.

#4 App lock Fingerprint -Best app to capture the Intruder’s

If you want to catch intruders, then this app will be your best choice, it captures the picture of the Intruder who tries to enter into your Phone. It’s so amazing, right?

It enables you to protect your all-social media apps by its app locker feature; In addition to it will lock the preview of all apps on your homage lock screen. Therefore, no one can look into your messages and notifications with bad intentions.

The notification of all the social media apps will show as hidden content on your mobile screen lock. Its fingerprint feature is the best security solution for users.

Further, It comes up with many different features from your gallery to your social media app. Trust me, it provides you complete security coverage on your Phone.

#5 Vault-Hide Pictures & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup – Best app to browse the internet privately

This app is best to surf the internet privately. Besides, It enables your internet surfing privately just like an incognito mode in Google chrome so as not to leave any history behind. This app also provides you the feature of the private bookmark.

Moreover, you do not need to worry, If you have forgotten your passwords. Because this app has a special feature of Password recovery you can recover your password just by entering the recovery email which you entered while setting up your account.

In addition, this apps has a bonus feature of cloud backup from there you can back up your data including videos and images.

The Backup Cloud feature allows you to backup your videos and photos so they never can be lost. Its stealth mode enables you to disappear from the home screen so that one will knows that it even exists.

#6 Norton App Lock – Best Parental Control App

Just like other apps, locker’s Norton is also another security-providing app, which provides all basics security and privacy features to its users. It also provides you the virus protection against malware, viruses, and other security thefts.

It has only two features of Pin and patterns lock passwords, which prevents other users to interfere in your data. The down point is that the Norton app locker does not allow you to reset your passwords but the bonus point is that it has parent control that enables you to monitor the activities of your kids.

Norton app locker also allows you to block the call from anonymous or from an unspecific number. It also identifies the cyber threats on your Phone which really makes it an amazing and unique app. For the best security, Norton can be your best choice.

#7 Vault -the Best app with Top Features

Are you looking for military-graded security ? If yes, then cheers, because the Vault is not just only going to protect your photos and videos but it will also cover your all-around social apps and the whole mobile phone security.

Around the world, Vault has gained more than 100 million users because of its performance amazing features and an extraordinary level of security.

The top feature included Private browsing (incognito mode), private bookmark and cloud backup to keep your data safe and never to lose it. For better protection, data can be back up in cloud space. So, you can only access your photo & videos just by entering the right password. In addition, your data can be easily transferred to a new device by cloud back up space.

Have you forgotten your password? If yes, then no worries Vault enables you to recover your password through a secure email. Vault also provides you break-in alerts by a secret snap of the Intruder with wrong password snap can be stamped with the time data of failed login.

Now, let us discuss the Top 7 secret apps for IOS. Let us dive into it.

If you are looking for IOS data security, then you are on the right track. If you take any data or import it from your Mac PC, it directly goes into your IOS library, where any person can see it, which is quite shaming and embarrassing for you.

So do you want to know about the secret app on IOS ? Yes, then let me tell you that there some cool apps that can help you to secure your data on IOS and can keep them away from intrusive hands.

#1 Cover Me Private Text and calls  -Best IOS security Vault

If you want to hide your messages and their previews, then let me tell you about this amazing app of Cover Me Private Text & Calls, which works to secure your call, messages, and other data. It can encrypt your calls and messages and can lock them all. It will make you feel free to worry about someone entering your data.

Also, It locks your message preview on the lock screen ? Yes, you read right, this application will help you to lock the text preview, and the messages from your lock screen will be disappeared. This app also provides you a burner mobile number to protect your anonymity. This app can be your great option to secure your text messages and other data as well.

#2 Private Photo Vault – Bets Media Vault

Private Photo Vault is the best option for any IOS user as it allows you to secure your data by password, Pin, and by locking them all to protect the data. This amazing app will help you to move your images and pictures from your iPhone to a new secure folder of Private Photo vault to secure them.

The app is protecting your data by a password, nifty pattern, and securing them by a pin lock that hides your pictures by entering with four digits pin. In addition to all these entire features, the most wonderful thing about this app is that its decoy password option, which helps its user to use two passwords.

One will be for the main and the other will for the secure album. If someone catches you up by using this app and ask about to show him what’s the secret behind this protected app. You can easily distract them by entering them into the Main folder of your Library. That is so cool.

#3 Best Secret Folder –Best IOS Special Design Secret Vault App

This unique app helps you to decoy the intruders, as the app icon itself is a decoy; the special design of the app is to make it look like the utility folder app. This protected app helps you to record videos and then save them directly into your secret album or folder.

If the user attempts got flop for multiply four times, the Best secret app will take the snap of person and will forward it to your email along with their location. Best Secret folder even tracks each single login detail and tracks each login endeavor,

So that you can know precisely when somebody attempted to get into your secrets organized folders. This app is Incredibly Hard to Notice Your Best Secret Folder Icon on Your device.

#4 Photo Lock Vault Photo Album -Best Internet Privately Surfing Vault

The Photo Lock vault provides an iPhone user to browse privately without leaving any traces of history behind. So that no one can access your search history. This app is powered by face id, alphanumeric, pattern, and Pin lock to secure user secret folder and data. It uses a decoy password to cover real privacy from interrupters.

 The trickiest thing about this app is its decoy password, which is used to distract the messy people who beg you to enter in the app. If you have a decoy password option, you can distract them from entering into another folder. While keeping the secret folder secure from the other person. That is mind-blowing.

#5 Secret Calculator(Best Decoy app)

Are you looking for a decoy icon app? If yes, then you got the right path. The Secret calculator works exactly the same as it sounds like to be. For the maximum security, this app uses your Pin, pattern lock, and touch id for maximum protection of data.

The interface looks like a calculator. This calculator actually works behind the scene where you can secure your data, including photo videos and other documents as well. This secret calculator provides you the perfect privacy to make you carefree about your data safety.

If you want to show off, then here is a bonus feature for you. It enables you to edit your personal videos to trim them to crop and can add slow-motion effects. The feature of decoying, distracting other peoples, and editing your stuff make this app unique and amazing with a perfect match of features. Wow, that really Cool.

#6 Keep safe Photo vault –Best Protection Layer

Just like other secrets apps, the keep safe Photo vault has an additional feature, which provides you an added layer of security. The security added layer of protection will hide it from the recently used app.

Keep safe Photo Vault is a photograph-stockpiling application that safely stores private photographs and recordings behind secret word with secured PIN codes. With its feature of cloud storage, you can back up your images files, including all other media.

#7 Secret | Photo Vault, Safe Vault Lock & Hide personal Photos

Like other apps on IOS, this secret vault for your iPhone will help you to lock down your secret photos, contacts, passwords, and private browsing.


It has the feature of saving your golden moments and secrecy for yourself. Secret vault provides you the best secure place to hide your all kind of data. Like your contacts, images, videos passwords, & internet browsing history.

In addition, there is something, which really amazes you, & that is, to provide you an extra level of security this app does not keep your data & photos, on any other kind of servers; instead, it uses your mobile phone internal storage to keep your data safe and secure behind its vault.

Whenever you will delete this app from your smartphone the data save in the app will also be deleted so do not forget to export your important data before deleting this app.

#8 OnlyFans Photos: HiddenVault 

Hidden Vault App keeps your private photos, videos, and messages safe from spying eyes. For accessing the folder, the user must input a password. It is designed in a way that it look like a utilities folder. The app is capable of hiding all of your secrets.

No matter it’s a photo, gif, video, or URL, this app got your back with the protection all the time. It also also uses pattern locks and touch IDs for maximum security. It offers the perfect privacy with passcode, to IOS users. You can also lock folders with a separate password for extra protection. 

Final words:

It is the right of everyone to have a personal space for their private belonging and mental security. However, in the era of technology, privacy can be easily be snatched just only by getting interrupting on other phones to counter this privacy violation. So, we bring the most powerful and best security apps for your personal data and to keep your social apps secure to make you feel free and comfortable regarding your data.

I mentioned above some cool applications that can hide your pictures, videos, and other personal files on your Mobile Phone. Pictures can be a cover-up by a secret key, ensuring them, hiding them behind a secure vault, or locking them. The greater part of these applications makes a unique hidden folder, to which you can move your photos.

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