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What did you say you’ve got iPhone? Wow! You must be going to click flawless pictures because of the great camera. But wait; do you know how to save your photos in a PDF file in your newly bought iPhone? Probably not!

Don’t worry, listen to us.

There’re many formats for keeping pictures on iPhone. For example, the camera saves the images in the form of HEIC, screenshots are saved in the formats of PNGs, and the downloaded files are stored in JPGs. But the best part is that you can keep all formats of your pictures in the form of PDF files very easily.

In addition to using third-party apps, we’ve gathered some of the handiest and easiest ways to help you out for saving pictures in the form of a PDF file. But before discussing the methods, let’s get an idea about why we need to convert images into PDF files.

Why Convert Pictures into PDFs?

No doubt, the picture quality of the iPhone is more than impressive. But the problem occurs only when you’ve to transfer pictures to other devices. Not only this, but it also causes inconvenience when you’ve to insert your image in any document.

This is where the need for the format of PDF files pops up. Majority of the people who’re working keep their essential pictures in PDF files both in Androids and iOS.

Best Methods to Convert Photos into PDFs

After a complete research and profound analysis of the best methods, we’ve collected some of the easiest ways for you to convert photos into PDF.

#1 Use Files app to Convert Pictures into PDF

Unlike all other handsets, iPhone has got a built-in app name as “Files,” which has made it easy for the users to convert pictures into PDFs, scanning documents compressing files, and much. So the first method we’re going to discuss is my iPhone’s intrinsic App, “Files.”

The pictures’ format doesn’t matter when you’re using this App for the conversion of images. It can retain the original quality of the photos while converting them into PDF. Plus, you can easily share the converted files with this App.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into the steps for converting photos into PDF.

  1. Choose the photo you want to convert into the PDF
  2. Press on the image for a while
  3. A thumbnail will pop up with the contextual menu
  4. Choose the option “Create PDF” from the menu
  5. A PDF file with the same name of the image will be saved in your iPhone

Merge Several PDFs Into One File

Besides converting images into PDF files, you can also combine or merge more than one PDF file into a single document.

So doing so, keep in mind the following steps.

  • Launch Files app in your iPhone
  • Tap on the “Select” button present at the top right corner of the file
  • Now choose the “More” option from the list

  • Three dots will appear at the bottom of your phone’s screen
  • Now select “Create PDF”

  • All PDF files will be converted into a single file

Note: The combined size of the created PDF file can be huge. All you’ve to do is reduce the folder’s size by converting it into a zip file before transferring it.

#2 Use Photos App

“Photos” is another excellent app in the iPhone by which you can convert all the formats of pictures in PDF without suffering from any inconvenience.

Are you excited to know the method for making high-quality PDF of your pictures? If yes, read further!

  • Open the multi-colored icon from your home screen
  • Select any picture that you want to convert into a PDF

  • Plus, you can shorten the images in your gallery to select multiple photos
  • Furthermore, for selecting numerous photographs, you can also long tap on any picture
  • Tap the “Share” option on your screen

  • Now “Tap” the icon of print present next to the sign of the printer

  • Zoom in the photo for converting it into a PDF
  • Select the “Save to Files” option for saving the created file into your phone

#3 Convert Pictures Via Books

Do you want to try one of the easiest methods for saving photos as PDF files on your iPhone or iPad? Here we’re to make it easy for you! Books App is another best way to make the task of saving photos as PDF convenient for you.

The best part?

Regardless of the model of iPhone you’ve, you can easily use this excellent App for the creation of PDF files of your pictures, images, or screenshots.

Thus the steps for creating a PDF with this App are given below.

  1. Launch the “Photos App” on your iPhone
  2. It’s time to choose the photos for the creation of a PDF file
  3. A share button will be visible on your screen
  4. Tap on this button, and you’ll see a pop-up menu at the lower section of your mobile’s screen
  5. There’ll be many options to share the file, including messages, mail, and Add to Notes
  6. You’ve to select “Save to PDF to iBooks” from such options
  7. This will end up making the PDF file of your selected photos
  8. You can find the created PDF folder in the iBook app

Benefits of Saving Photos as PDF in iPhone

The majority of people often wonder why save pictures as PDF on your phone? Here’re some go-to points that justify the need to create a PDF file of your photos.

  • PDF files are pretty easy to share on almost any media. Thus you can share the collection of your document’s screenshot or your professional images through PDFs.
  • The reduced size is one of the most favorable prospects to count about the PDF files.
  • Plus, you can create the most fantastic album of your photos without impacting the quality.

It’s Time for Practical!

After learning the easiest methods for saving pictures as PDF on your iPhone, you might be pretty excited to try them out. So what are you waiting for? Select an option from the list above and save your picture in PDF within seconds.

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