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The absence of a battery indicator in iPhone 11 is distress for iPhone users. While it is annoying not to have the exact battery percentage at your disposal, iPhone 11 offers an updated feature in this regard. It is much easier to find your battery percentage now.

Good News!!

Checking battery’s life isn’t as hard as you might think. Brace yourselves as we move you through the battery percentage checking process.

There are certain features in smartphones that are hardly logical. Displaying accurate battery life is a similar thing. They keep you guessing the battery percentage until you find yourselves with a dead phone on an important occasion.  

In order to avoid such embarrassing situations, it is best to know what your exact battery percentage is.

iPhone always announces new updates prior to release. Even then basic features like discovering battery percentage and accessing it remains disguised until the launch of the iPhone X.

Since iPhone X tracking battery percentage in iPhone has been simpler. The control center, since then, has been so efficient that you find all the functions at the same place.

Absence of Battery Percentage indicator feature

In earlier models, there was a feature: Battery Percentage indicator. It is absent in iPhone 11. 

Why did this happen?

The reason behind removing the battery indicator from iPhone 11 is pretty basic. The camera cut out of the new Apple phone could not allow any extras to be displayed on the screen. The camera hole may have looked deformed but its status bar notch could not work if this step was not taken.

Hence Apple had to move to a way more refined and minimalist view. 

The iPhone 11 alternate setting

Luckily in exchange, it offers navigation by the control center. The battery indicator may be absent in iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. 

But we have brought you a guide that will simply allow you to find out the battery percentage if you are an Apple user. So, all iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 pro max users can behold the ways they can get their battery percentage in number.

Method 1 : Control Center

You can access battery percentage using the control center. So, through the control center, you follow the following drill:

1. Swipe down your screen.

2. A battery icon will emerge.

3. Simply click on your battery icon and you’re good to go.

For more info: What is the control center?

Method 2: Battery Widget

Having a battery widget is a great way to go about finding battery percentage. But how to deal with battery widget?

How to add a battery widget?

After opening your phone, swipe right on your lock screen. Scroll to the bottom of the existing page and tap on “Edit”. If necessary, authenticate yourself. Next tap on the plus (+) button right next to “Batteries”.

This will add the batteries widget. Once added, the battery widget will allow showing your iPhone’s battery percentage, instantly. Additionally, this feature also allows battery percentage to be connected to other Apple devices such as Apple Watch and Air pods. So, you can check their battery power on your phone as well.

Once you have the battery widget you can proceed as follows:

1. You can open the battery widget on your iPhone screen.

2. Swipe to left or right.

3. You will find option icons.

4. You will see the battery percentage in the top corner near “Today View”.

5. Simply click on it and you will find the percentage.

Wasn’t it Simple as it sounds?. But before this, you need to add a battery widget. Let’s follow some quick steps to add it.

Method 3: Charging your phone

In case you are just switching on your phone, the exact battery percentage appears momentarily on the screen. It also shows battery percentage when the phone is on charging.

Method 4: Ask Siri

iPhone 11 contains a digital assistant named Siri. You can simply type or tell Sirri “What is my battery Percentage”. And you got it.

While all of this seems pretty easy, the problem arises when people are unaware. In the case of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro max, the battery access icon has been hidden.

So, it is a running joke that some people have died phones at 10% and others are able to use their phones for hours on a 1% battery.

Smartphones usually show the quantity of charging by signs instead of exact numbers. These denoting signs may vary according to its onboard hardware but remain confusing nonetheless. In such circumstances, having exact numbers seems smarter.

Battery settings in iPhone 8, iPad and iPod

Ever since iPhone X came out, battery access has become way too simple. It consisted of swiping down and opening battery charge percentage. iPhone 11 has its own complete control center navigation.

For other devices such as iPad and iPod and devices before iPhone 8, battery access was through clicking on settings, then clicking on “battery” and switching on battery percentage.

Low power mode

Battery percentage can be monitored using another feature. It is the ‘Low Power Mode’. As the name indicates, this feature allows saving power in low mode and also displays the exact percentage remaining in the status bar.  it also suspends certain functions that require more power and maintains moderation. This setting can be activated or turned off at choice.

Final Verdict

As a brand, Apple has always been user-oriented. In this regard, giving battery access completely to the user is a commendable move. Instead of cluttering up the display with more icons than can be displayed, iPhone 11 gives direct access to settings and shows a clear and concise view.

So you get easy access to your battery percentage without compromising the promised aesthetic look of your iPhone.

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