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Are you fed-up with people prying on your iPhone and poking around?

If so, there’s nothing to worry about.

You can now hide apps in an invisible folder on the iPhone or iPad.

Having an iPhone can be exciting, but having friends and family who keep messing around with your phone is a headache.

Some apps that contain private information such as bank-related apps, or even some apps that are for your personal use, such as dating apps, there are always some things that you want to keep to yourself.

You must be wondering how you can do this. Well, I’ve got your back. By following some tricks and tips, you can keep your content hidden and secret. So, if you don’t want to share things with others, you can make a folder and hide your apps in it.

To do this, just keep going on with this article. Here, I’ll explain everything you need to know about hiding your apps right on your home screen and keeping them safe from others.

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Quick steps to hide apps in Invisible Folder on your iPhone or iPad

You can create a folder and hide apps in an invisible folder to keep them a top-secret. It’s easy-peasy, and you can do it in just a matter of minutes. Just follow these quick steps and create your very own invisible folder on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Choose your Wallpaper Color

The first thing that you need to do is change the wallpaper of your iPhone or iPad. You will have to use either grey wallpaper or a white one. These solid colored wallpapers will allow the shadow of the folder to blend in the background, and they will not be visible anymore.

Not any grey or white wallpaper will work; they have to be of specific shades. You can download these two wallpapers from the below-mentioned links.

You just have to set the solid wallpapers on your iPhone’s Home screen. So, if you have a picture or any other wallpaper on your phone’s lock screen, you can keep it there.

2. Set Transparency on your Device

You have to set the transparency of your iPhone or iPad before setting the new wallpaper as background. To do this, go to Settings. Now, navigate to General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast.

If you are using the solid Grey color as the background, enable the Reduce Transparency.

If you are using the solid white color as the background, disable the Reduce Transparency.

3.Set the Wallpaper on your Home screen

After setting the transparency on your device you are now ready to set the wallpaper. To do this, go to Settings. Tap on wallpaper> Choose a New Wallpaper. Here, you will find the grey or white wallpapers that you have downloaded in the All Photos folder. Select the wallpaper and tap on Use as Wallpaper.

Just set it as your home screen. There’s no need to change the perspective settings or anything else.

Now, when you return at the home screen, you will see that all the folders and the dock are now invisible. They will blend into the background due to the wallpaper color.

If you’ve got this far, now it’s time to remove the folder’s name and create some invisible folders.

4. Remove the Names of the Folders

To make the folders invisible, you also need to remove their name. To make sure your folder cannot be seen, copy the blank space between the brackets found in this Apple Hacks tweet.

Then go to your Home screen and edit the folder’s name by pasting this copied blank space. Press the Home button to save it.

Now you have a nameless folder that is merged in the background. You can repeat this method for as many folders as you want to remove their labels.

After doing this, your Home screen will have the folders but not their names. You can now move on to make the folders invisible.

5. Install App Icons Free

The next step is to create blank icons that can blend in with the background color. To achieve this, you will need the App Icons Free application. To install this app from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad use the link below.

After installing the App Icons Free, you can now move to create invisible icons for your apps.

6.Create an Invisible icon

To create invisible icons, open the installed app. Tap on Create Icon button and then select “Go to Link”. Now select the Photo.

Choose the grey or the white wallpaper that you have downloaded. App Icons Free will ask you to enter the URL. Insert a period where it says “Type URL” and tap Install. Now, tap Install again to move on.

This app will now redirect you to a new page in Safari and will guide you on how you can export the icon to your home screen. Tap the Share button on the bottom of the screen and then tap on “Add to Home Screen”.

When prompted to add the name of the icon, you can type whatever you like in the “Go to link”. To keep things simple, I recommend you to use a period instead of text.

Tap on Add when you are done. Now, go to the home screen. You will find that your app icon is merged with the grey or white wallpaper in the background. You might not be able to notice it at first, but if you look closely, you will be able to see the period label on the invisible icon.

7. Create an ‘invisible’ folder

The only thing left to do now is to create an invisible folder. As you know, to create a folder, you will have to drag one app onto another. After creating the new folder, add all the apps that you want to hide along with the application with the ‘invisible icon’.

Now, move all the apps with visible icons to the next page of the folder, leaving the invisible icon app on the first page. By doing this, there will be no visible icons in your folder when you view it from the Home screen. Go to the Home screen and see it for yourself. Your folder will be there on the screen yet invisible.

Wrapping up

Congratulations, you can now easily hide apps in invisible folder on your iPhone or iPad. You can also use this method to create space between folders or apps on your Home screen.

Did this method work for you the way you wanted? Follow the guide as mentioned above and let us know if you are successful in making invisible folders on your iPhone or iPad.

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