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Deciding between branded phone cases or the cheap ones from China is a common point of contention these days.

Smartphones have become more capable and technologically advanced over the years. However, with big screen sizes without bezels and glass or metallic bodies, they have become frugal too.

Keeping the smartphone from cracks and scratches has become challenging.

This is where branded phone cases come into play!

Using a capable phone case is the only solution to keep your smartphone in pristine condition.

But the question is: are expensive, branded phone cases better than the cheap ones from China?

We are all aware of how the market is flooded with Chinese phone cases. They look good and are extremely cheap. But, are the Chinese phone cases a feasible option over branded phone cases that are available at a premium? Why would you spend extra money when you can get the same thing for a bargain?

Here, we will give you a few pertinent reasons that will establish the fact that branded phone cases are better and offer more bang for your bucks.

Branded Phone Cases Vs. Cheap Ones From China

1. Design

branded phone cases design

Manufacturers of premium-quality phone cases sell their products for a premium price. And to justify the higher price they put a lot of effort into conceptualizing and designing each and every phone case.

Hence, the design of a branded phone case would always look out of the box, premium and robust. Attention is given to every aspect of the design to make phone cases more functional, desirable and stand out in the crowd.

For instance, if a portrait is embossed on the phone case, the manufacturer would make sure that the printing is flawless and the design looks real.

2. Material Quality

mobile phone cases

Unlike Chinese phone cases that are meant to use and throw, branded phone cases are built to last. Manufacturers use high-quality material to ensure phone cases are highly durable and offer flawless fit and finish.

Aside from this, premium phone cases are available in several premium materials including leather, aluminum, and stainless steel to add exclusivity quotient.

Several manufacturers use genuine leather or high-quality alloys to build a phone case that would outlive your smartphone. Hence, if you plan to use your smartphone for a longer period of time, then it is worth it to invest in a branded phone case.

3. Fit and Finish

mobile phone cases

A Chinese phone case comes with the risk of improper size and fit. An ill-fitted phone case will completely ruin the experience of using the smartphone.

Credible vendors make sure that each and every phone case has precise measurement and would not lose its form factor in the foreseeable future. Apart from this, these vendors also come up with innovative phone case ideas.

Branded phone cases also come with a fine finish to add more finesse to the product. No matter which smartphone model you use, a branded phone case will certainly add a distinct style quotient to your device.

4. Brand Guarantee

You might get a Chinese smartphone case at cheap prices. But there is no guarantee of reliable performance.

What would you do if your smartphone suffers crack even with a phone case?

Chinese phone cases are unlikely to take any responsibility for this.
Premium phone cases, on the other hand, come with a proper user warranty/guarantee.

Usually, brands offer generous terms of warranty/guarantee to build a credible reputation and attract more customers towards their products. Brand guarantee also means that you can use the phone case with full freedom without having to worry about its performance.

And in case any fault arises, you can easily replace the phone case for a new unit.

5. Value For Money

A branded phone case would last for years without showing aging signs. Buying three cheap Chinese cases in a year or using one branded case – which makes more sense? It is more feasible to make a one-time investment in a good quality phone case.

Using a premium phone case will also make you feel good and you will not be afraid to flaunt it in public places.

Branded Phone Cases Vs. Cheap Ones From China: Winding-Up

So, that’s about it!

These were some of the points that put branded phone cases in a different league than their Chinese counterparts.

Above mentioned points clearly substantiate the fact that buying a premium phone case is a more sensible idea and a value for money proposition.

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