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Do you know, Android apps that we’re using are usually 1.5 times faster than mobile websites? Is that a fact? Yes, According to medium.com, even mobile apps perform faster than mobile sites.

There’s a common assumption that people prefer to browse a website more as compared to mobile apps. However, the interesting fact is that many mobile users consume 87% of their time on apps. It means mobile applications are used more compared to websites.

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You wouldn’t believe, according to activatedesign.co.nz, one thousand plus apps are released daily on the app store, while on average, 4300 plus apps are published on the Google Play store. Funnily enough! Right?

There’s no doubt; On the Internet, you can find millions of mobile applications. However, the real struggle is to find the Android apps which offer some coolest features which have never been seen.

Therefore, do you want to download a new app for your mobile? Which has advanced features, compatible with your mobile and offers a user-friendly interface? Let me tell you something surprising; In today’s topic, we’re going to discuss the top 10 best Android apps.


I’m sure; you’ll be perplexed from their cool features. Therefore, are you ready to explore some new cool apps for your mobile? Want to make your life easier and comfortable?

Let’s get started.

Top 10 Android apps that Deserve a Wider Audience

#1 Bouncer-Mobile Security App

Worry about your phone privacy? Want to protect your data? Perfect, Bouncer is the security app that comes with unique security features. It allows you to grant permissions to the other apps momentarily. Plus, it protects your data and, this app helps you to increase your battery life.

bouncer app

Believe me. If you have a bouncer app, then you don’t need to worry about what apps are behaving in the background. Lastly, the setup of this app is like a walkover, not rocket science. Click on the download button and boom you’re done.

#2 LastPass Password Manager

Do you have more than one online account? Is it difficult for you to remember the passwords of all these accounts? Let me help you; Last pass Password Manager is the unique tool which allows you to save your passwords.

It can also protect your essential information like your passports, credit card, bank information, etc. Besides, you’re smart to use the same account on your PC, mobile phone and tablet, etc. It also has a share passwords feature. Only spend $12 per year and get an opportunity to use its premium features.

last password

#3 Spotify- Follow your Favourite Artist

This splendid app comes from a music category. It allows you to stream your favourite music at any time anywhere. It has some of the coolest features like, you’re able to pick your favourite song and put them on your list. To top it all, if you’re a fan of old music, then Spotify is most beneficial because it has a lot of ancient music, the 20s, 30s, 40s and up.


#4 Netflix – Online Streaming App


Netflix is an online streaming application. This cool app allows you to watch your favourite Movies, Dramas, Shows, Documentaries, and much more exciting content anywhere at any time.

The coolest point about this app is that you’re able to watch your preferred content offline. By just paying $9 per month, you’re able to explore your favourite content at one click.

 #5 AdvanceSwiftKey Keyboard

To be honest, I’ve been using this app for two years, and this app is simply wow! The swift key keyboard is fastest, most accurate, quite intelligent, and offers jaw-dropping features. It has a decent auto-correct feature and a real-time translator.

Built-in calendar and word shortcuts are also some advanced features which make this app a must-try.  Believe me; you would be amazed by its swiping function.

swift keyboard

#6 Google Drive -Keep your Data Safe

If you want to store your data, then Google Drive is the best option. It’s the most popular online file storage service that allows you to store your data up to 15 GB. Really? Yes, you can!


Besides, by using this fantastic service, you’re able to create and share folders and files with your friends. Apart from this, Google Drive combines with Google’s other apps, which include Google Photos, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Gmail, Google Keep, and more.

In-depth sharing features and Live collaboration are also the appealing features of these apps. By paying $1.99 to $299.99 per month, you can get extra storage and features.

#7 Google Assistant – Always Ready to Help

Google’s assistant is an amazing and powerful app. This excellent app is just one click away from you. Would you believe me, using this powerful app, you’re able to turn off your Air conditioner. Plus, it would be smart to play your beloved music in seconds.


If you want to find the best restaurant in your city, then no need to worry, Google assistant will find it for you. It is able to solve your short math’s problems. This app is free and easy to download. If you’re an iPhone user, then you can find all these features in Siri.

This app is entirely compatible with android devices. Your only job is to enable it on your phone and congrats! You hired your personal assistant.

#8 Mint – Manage your All Accounts with one Tap

Do you want to control your monthly bills from your phone? Or want to pay monthly bills quickly? Ok, the Mint app will help you. The question is what this app does? Well, Mint puts together all of your accounts. Plus, this excellent app is used to create a budget.


Also, by using this app, you can get a chance to manage all of your money in one place. Then why are you waiting? Use this app and track spending and monitor extra fees easily.

#9 Google Opinion Rewards -Get Google Play Credits

Want to get some money? Alright, if you have a Play Store or App Store on your mobile, then this app is a must-have. Your only task is to answer some easy questions and receive compensated a little bit.

You can use this app in a better way if you turn on your location. You can participate in this survey once a week, and have a chance to get the Google play credits.


#10 TickTick -‘The best of both worlds’

This user-friendly Android app has gained 4.7 ratings on Google play store because of its stunning features. That’s why this app is our last pick for cool Android apps.


The habit-forming trackers, remainders, and the promo tracker are some of the latest features of this great app. You would find this app helpful if you want to keep the focus on your tasks and refuse any obstruction.

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