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If anything, getting old, sometimes its efficiency becomes slow as compared to its first day, When the device becomes useless, obviously we say throw it in the garbage. But, we know that everything cannot be thrown because some things are precious as well as memorable.

If it becomes repairable so we can repair and make it beneficial for some other works. It’s a famous proverb that OLD IS GOLD.

Likewise, when our iPhone becomes old, its efficiency becomes unsatisfied, and it affected our work because of its slow speed, every person gets worried about this situation, it may be our fault. Didn’t get the point? Let me tell you, a lot of selfies, downloading songs and videos are one of the main reasons.

Beside them, we all store our personal and sensitive data in our iPhones that we don’t to be accessed by spying eyes. We suggest to get them stored in a protected manner by Downloading Hidden Vault app. It not only protects your sensitive data but also offers multiple security and advanced features.

However, we should also save our iPhone from bugs and viruses through various apps. Make sure this may not corrupt your files.

This speed upsets our moods also because today life can’t exist without a Smartphone or iPhone; eating or drinking or even sleeping nothing is possible without a phone. First of all, repair our iPhone, then life goes on.  Right?

 Quickly  Speed Up, Clean Up, and Revive iPhone

Now, here we are discussing problems that can slow down your branded iPhone.

 How to Speed up an iPhone?

 How to Speed up an iPhone?

1. Restart your iPhone

Firstly, to boost up your iPhone speed, remove your unused apps and save your photos and personal videos in USB or in memory cards, which makes your iPhone happy. Make sure your iPhone is constantly working days or week, it should take rest, power off your iPhone and restart now. Occasionally this simple trick solved our problem and saved us from headaches.

2. Don’t allow Automatic updates

Go to your iPhone settings in the app store and turn off auto-updates, sometimes we install more apps at once, which are not using again. If updates don’t turn off, these apps will fill up extra space, which affects the speed of our iPhone. Remember, notification should be open when an update is required for any app you don’t miss.

3. Install some cleaning app    

Firstly, make sure you have backup files in your iPhone, if there is any problem, don’t worry and install a cleaning app which saves your files from bugs or viruses. They tell you about your iPhone storage, what is the condition of space in your phone.

4. Update IOS

New iOS may not quickly accept old apps without an update. Because the new iPhone has to update policy for the latest version of the iPhone due to a few reports of bugs in the software; Therefore when you update iPhone, check your updates to run for boost up its speed.

5. Free up space on iPhone

Our iPhone storage capacity is lighter than our downloads. Movies, dramas, games and songs files cover a lot of space. So we strongly suggest you delete movies or shows after watching them. In spite of downloading your favorite content,  Watch it on YouTube.Because YouTube provides all the recent or current dramas and documentaries at free of cost.

Besides, Go to the settings of your iPhone and check your storage space where various colors show different file storage. Delete the files that cover more space. Worry about how to delete it? Don’t worry, it becomes easy to remove or delete that file.

Sometimes we install some new application that needs a big space and after uninstalling these apps surely speed of iPhone much better. Mostly our iPhone having space whenever we install any app, this app feeds virus, it causes trouble in speed as well as phone storage.  

Have you ever tried to record skype call? I have covered the whole process here.

 How to Clean up an iPhone?

 How to Clean up an iPhone?

The first step you should attempt is to clean up your less important files on your iPhone to clean up the phone. The files you haven’t used for a long time don’t need to stay on your phone. It can be iTune or a long time listening music file; either it is your work done at your office or document of any lecture, you have to get rid of it if it isn’t being used now.

It is the grace of IOS that your iPhone stays uploaded with the caches, temporary files, cookies, and others failed to download files. You can use some professional tools to clean that hidden files to clean up your iPhone.

It’s not only your issue that your old iPhone is slowing down, but every iPhone user is facing the same problem. In fact, Apple has also admitted that the oldest phone of the iPhone is troubling with the slow speed and battery sucking.

If you are also troubling with the battery life of your iPhone, then control its settings. Surely, you have burdened the iPhone downloading unnecessary apps. You have to properly check the following settings to ensure cleaning up your phone.

  • You can push up notifications for email, including contacts, mail, and calendars in settings.
  • You can quickly Push up notifications for apps (Settings-Notifications)
  • Disable ping in Restrictions, present in the General in settings.
  • Location services in settings should be customized.

It’s better to understand your needs for keeping notifications. You don’t need notifications from each app daily. So, enable and disable the notifications for each app as per your need.

 How to Revive an iPhone?

 How to Revive an iPhone?

Get into your phone’s setting and understand the chart of its memory. Understand this chart appropriately, showing how much space the phone has been used and how much left for your usage. These are five significant hacks you can use to revive your iPhone are as follows:

1.Refrain from background refreshing of the apps

We update our apps on the iPhone, without knowing the background content of our phone automatically updated. For instance, the content of email or twitter continues to update. It also takes a lot of space. To restrain it, you have to disable the background app refresh, or you may switch it off for the particular apps.

2. Offload Unused Apps

You should offload Unused Apps to secure more old conversations and attachments on your phone. You will get rid of one-year-old conversations and attachments timely, once you enable this feature in your iPhone.

3. Update your apps

Old apps do not work with the IOS 11. These old apps are not supported in the new formats of the iPhone. So, select the update options for the applications you are feeling slow on your phone.

4. Never switch on automatic updates for the applications

You shouldn’t enable any automatic update of the applications because it burdens your phone up with auto-updates. You just have to update the apps manually, that you want to update.

5. Check your reduce motion effect and transparency

If you are troubling with the slow working of your iPhone, then slow down the motion effect. In the General setting, you will get the Reduce motion option under Accessibility. Turn on it. 

For better results of speeding up, you can also toggle Auto-Play Message, but it will take some text fun as well.

Final words:

Here are some suggestions that can speed up your iPhone. For restraining your iPhone from slowing down condition, clean up its space regularly. please let us know if you face any difficulty on the above topics We’re always ready to serve you.


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