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I’m completely satisfied that every age group loves YouTube. As in outcome, Presently, YouTube is being used by 2 billion people! (One-third of the internet) Are you Speechless? Another Interesting fact is, According to factslides.com, every day; 1 billion hours of videos are watched by people on YouTube.

Correct me if I’m wrong. In this busy time, no one likes YouTube ads. There is a lot of reason why people don’t like online Ads. Want to know the reasons? Let’s have a look at the below chart.

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As a result, everyone is looking for a solution which helps them to get rid of this problem.

Let me tell you something straight, a lot of users ask this question randomly that, Can I block YouTube ads on my Android ? Let’s make it clear, by following some methods you’re able to block ads on your Smartphone, want to know the techniques?

Ok, but before we show you every technique, you should try the below Top-rated ad blocker apps. The best is, you don’t need to root your phone or jailbreak your iPhone for these below apps. Ready? Let’s make a start.

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Top 5 Most appreciated YouTube Ad Blocker for Android

We are going to discuss the following apps:

1) YouTube Vanced -Now Play your Favorite Music in Background
2) OGYouTube-Enjoy Hassle-Free Streaming
3) DNS66- Block Host and Ads through DNS
4) NewPipe -The best Open Source Ad Blocker App
5) AdClear -Block YouTube & Encrypted Ads

1. YouTube Vanced -Now Play your Favorite Music in Background

Are you worry about Youtube unlimited ads? Looking for a solution? Ok, Use Youtube Venced. Maybe you’re encountering with this tool first time; then it might be possible, you may ask, what this tool does?

Good question, YouTube Vanced is a Premium YT App that comes with some unique features. For example, it allows you to watch your favourite video without getting annoying add. Yes, you read, write.

Besides, you’re able to play your favourite video in the background. This app has come with the original YouTube design and core but offers excellent features. Plus, you can set the video quality according to your internet connection.

Apart from all these astonishing features, this app lets you download your favourite video directly to your Storage. Cool right? It also allows you to sign up for your Google Id and sync your data. Further, It offers two themes, including black and dark.

Want to DOWNLOAD this app? Are you excited about its tremendous features?

2. OGYouTube-Enjoy Hassle-Free Streaming

OGYouTube is another well-rated app that allows hassle-free streaming. It seems like a YouTube official app but with more advantages. In simple words, It comes with the same  UI layout as the original Youtube app.

OGYouTube allows you to download your favourite music in one tap. Also, you’re able to download MP3 music with different Bitrates available. Background music is another exciting feature of this app.

This app is smart for multitasking and offers a dark mode theme. Besides, no root needed for this excellent app. last is, this app is super compatible with 4.4 Android and up.

Want to get it now to enjoy ad-free streaming? Don’t worry, tap the download button below and you can get the official OGYouTube.

3. DNS66- Block Host and Ads through DNS

Searching for an app that blocks Youtube ads for you? Plus, it also helps you to block all other Ads which you face while using your phone? If Yes, then DNS66 is the best choice for you.

Aside from the Blocking Ads feature, DNS66 is smart to block hostnames through DNS. Interesting right ? Also, you can add other DNS  servers for more privacy.

If you have this amazing app on your Android, then you can quickly encounter Ads, Web Ads,  Pop Ads, App Ads, etc., PLus, It flatly runs without proxy stuff. Besides, No-root needed for this exceptional tool.

4. NewPipe -The best Open Source Ad Blocker App

NewPipe is another Best lightweight android application. It allows you to download and watch your preferred Movies, Shows, and Music without getting any annoying ads. Apart from this, this app is a totally open source app and doesn’t use any YouTube libraries.

Plus, it offers all the features which are available on the original YouTube. But Adblocker, Background Play, and Download option is some latest feature of this app that makes it unique form Original Youtube.

Believe me, this app is a perfect choice for you if you’re running with low specs phone.

Do you have a strong craze for music? Want to download the album of your favourite artist? Click Below to make it realistic.

5. AdClear -Block YouTube & Encrypted Ads

AdClear has gained the best reviews because of its unique features. It’s the non-root adblocker app that comes with the latest technology. AdClear’s technology blocks or filters all ads before they appear. Plus, also smart to filters encrypted ads.

Besides, AdClear’s Firewall also increases battery life and saves bandwidth. It also protects your phone from different malware.

Do you want to block all suspicious ads? Perfect! Click Below Download button and experience the latest ad-blocking features. Besides, if you’re worried about its installation then no need to worry, Just follow Step by step process and congrats, you’re done.

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Ad Block Browser – the Best way to Block YouTube Ads on Android and iOS Devices

Have you tried all the above Adblocker tools? But still, looking for a better solution ? Don’t be panic; leave everything to me. If the above tools didn’t solve your problem, then using an ad block browser might be the best move. But the question comes to mind that, Is there any safe website available to get it?

Yes, you can easily download it from the Play Store and Apple Store. Then why you’re waiting ? Go and download it to enjoy Ad-free streaming.

google play store

If you’re using  Google Play and the Apple Store first time, then hit the links to get a full guide about the stores.

Let me tell you something surprising. After installing the ad-block browser, might be your device still tries to play your favourite content on YouTube, then what we should do? Don’t worry; follow simple steps to get rid of this issue.

  • Tap to run your YouTube App on your android Setting
  • Go to App info then hit storage option
  • Tap on Clear data then close settings

If you have found the above steps difficult, then check the below screenshots.

Final words:

So, the top 5 apps are the best in performance and have a bigger audience. With the help of these apps, you’re able to block suspicious ads and make your Smartphone more secure. These apps also come with some unique features that make streaming more easier.

The Ad-blocking browser is another helpful way to experience ad-free streaming. So pick one of them and start enjoying ad-free content right from the palm of your hand. Besides, I’m pretty sure you have found this post helpful. Please comment below if you have any problems or questions. We’re also here to help you.

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