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Stumped on what to get the gadget geek in your life? Here’s our picks for some of the hottest tech gifts this year that’ll make ’em proud!

So what do you actually get the tech geek who already has everything?  The simple answer to that is the latest and greatest of what’s out this year.  If you’re really a pro, you’ll pre-order a lot of what’s going to be released later in the year so you can get a jump-start on the 2020 shopping season.  Yes, we’re actually almost at that point.

When it comes to tech gifts there are as many options out there as there are preferences.  This year just about everything worth its weight will be wireless, Bluetooth enabled, sleeker, smaller, and with longer battery life than ever before.  Plus, we’re seeing almost all our picks as voice-activated, which can really keep things safe and, well, easier to use.

Shop our picks for some of the best new tech gift ideas for both men and women in 2020.

Best Tech Gift of 2020

The Apple Watch Series 5 

It’s finally an Apple Watch they’ll want to wear.  This is the latest and greatest from Apple and, dare we say, it looks more fashionable than the previous versions?  The face is a bit bigger, the band options are much better and, yes, it’s totally waterproof.  Plus, the speaker is actually 50% louder than ever before.  It can be also used as a heart and health monitor, a workout partner, activity and fitness tracker and, of course, you can get your text messages, make and take calls, and so much more.  It also comes in a variety of other color and band options that’ll be perfect for both men and women.

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The Oprah Pick

The Courant Catch 2 Device Wireless Charger 

Charge your devices wirelessly and in style with the latest leather charging pad!  Toss on your smartphone and/or wireless AirPods and move on with your day. Check it out in other colors too. 

The New Tech Pick

The New Apple AirPods Pro

You can’t go wrong with Apple, especially their new wireless AirPods Pro noise-canceling earbuds with charging stations.  These have, literally, no wires, totally stay in your ears comfortably thanks to the new silicone earpieces, are water-resistant, and charge faster and last longer than the originals.  They can even be charged wirelessly on a wireless charging pad.

The Cool Pick

The Pix Digital Customizable Backpack 

This is the sickest backpack we’ve ever seen!  It’s also the smartest tech-friendly one we’ve ever seen either.  The LED screen allows you to create just about any colorful design you want.  And, don’t worry, it’s totally waterproof. This one comes in three different color options, too, like black, grey, and a really cool yellow. 

The Golfers Pick

The Zepp 3D Golf Swing Analyzer

Sure, they’re all golf pros but could use a little personal help from time to time, especially when it comes to their swing.  The super important swing analysis will measure the most vital aspects of their swing like the club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing length, and more. It’ll then give them instant evaluations so they can start making improvements immediately.  

The Vintage Pick

The Distressed-Inspired Wi-Fi Tee 

If they’re a true tech nerd at heart, but still think they’re kinda cool this is a must-have for them.  This vintage-inspired comfy “Wi Fi” tee comes in a bunch of different colors and styles for men, women, and even the kids too. 

The Massaging Pick

The “Magic Hands” Body Massager

We could all use an at-home massage, especially on our neck, back, legs, and pretty much anywhere.  Chosen by Oprah as one of her “Favorite Things” this portable massage is a total must-have this year.  You actually won’t believe how good it really feels. We’ve been using ours every day, especially after a long day at work!

The New Amazon Pick

The New Amazon Echo Show 5 in Sandstone

This one was recently released by Amazon for 2020 and not only can you still use it to ask Alexa to show you things like the latest headlines, the weather, music videos, TV shows and more.  You can also play games and even see your favorite people when you call them up. The best part? The new privacy control. Simply toggle off the camera and microphone by the touch of one button on top.  Plus, it’s way more compact/smaller than the original and the price is amazing!

The Self-Cleaning Pick

The LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

The future of tech is here and it’s in the form of a self-cleaning water bottle!  Using special UV-C LED light the LARQ will clean the water inside your water bottle and the water bottle itself.  Amazing! It comes in a bunch of cool color options too. 

The Safety Pick

It’s the new and improved best-selling indoor and outdoor security cam from Blink.  It’s not only waterproof, but it also allows for 2 way audio communication, customizable motion detection, day and night coverage, free cloud storage, and more.  It also has an extra long-lasting battery life. It takes 2 AA lithium batteries that’ll last your Blink about 2-years before you need to replace them. There are also options to buy a singular camera, a 2-pack, 3-pack, or a 5-pack.

The iPhone Pick

The New iPhone 11 Pro

It’s the latest iPhone (11 Pro) that everyone is now obsessed with thanks to the insanely amazing camera (there’s three on the back) and really cool color options (this one is in midnight green, which really is trendy AF).  It’s water and dust resistant and will totally up your selfie game this year. 

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The Instant Pick

The Polaroid OneStep Bluetooth Instant Camera

You can never go wrong with a new instant camera, especially when it has the modern twist of Bluetooth!  This is already one of the best-sellers of the year, has a 60-day battery life, allows you to toggle between standard and portrait lens, plus will make your photos Insta presentable.

The Tiny Pick

The Sony Extra Bass Portable Speaker 

It may be small, but it’s totally powerful and has amazing bass.  A colorful portable Bluetooth speaker that has great battery life (up to 16-hours) and is waterproof makes it our fave pick to bring just about anywhere you’re going. 

The Cool AF Pick

The Bose Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

So these we love!  If you’re looking for the perfect tech gadget and one that they most certainly don’t already have, this is the gift for them!  New from Bose, these sunglasses connect to Bluetooth and play music near your ears without everyone else hearing what you’re listening to.  Did we mention that the lenses won’t easily scratch or shatter either? Check them out in a variety of different frames, lens colors, and more.

The Tracker Pick

The Tile Stickers 

We’ve all been there.  We can’t find where our remote control is (and we just had it!), our wallet went missing, and the list goes on and on.  These little Tile Stickers come as a pack of two, are waterproof, and will alert you via your smartphone or tablet when your prized possessions have gone missing and where they can be located. 

The Office Pick

The LED Word Clock 

It’s the LED word clock you’ve been seeing on your Insta feed lately!  It’ll give you the time via words like “It’s Five Past Twelve” and we can’t think of anything more fun than that! 

The Sleep Deprived Pick

The Philips SmartSleep Light Therapy Lamp 

If they’re struggling with sleep like we all are, this will help them improve.  This best-selling sleep and the wake-up lamp will help them wind down at night with a new relax and breathe function and will help them gradually wake up before their alarm goes off as this lamp will slowly get brighter in the morning to simulate a natural sunrise. 

The Energy Efficient Pick

The Nest Learning Home Thermostat in Stainless Steel 

Yes, even your thermostat is smart now!  This is one of the best selling smart thermostats of the year, has voice activation ability thanks to Alexa, and can be programmed from your smartphone or smart device with the installation of the free app.  What we love about it is that it’ll start to learn your heat and/or cooling patterns and start to become more and more energy-efficient, saving you money on your heating and cooling bills.

The Phone Charger Pick

The Anker Mini Portable Phone Charger 

It’s the size or a standard lipstick, which makes it super easy to carry with you wherever you go.  This portable phone charger currently has over 27,000 reviews (whoa!) on Amazon right now, will add up to one full charge for your smartphone, and comes in 4 different cool color options!

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The Gamers Pick

The New Nintendo Switch Lite 

Now you can easily play Super Mario Brothers pretty much anywhere you go like the total gamer you are! After the insane success of the Nintendo Switch gaming console, they’ve recently released the new Switch Lite, which is handheld, sleek, has built-in controllers, and even comes in colors like grey, yellow, blue, and more!

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