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Security is the main concern for everybody these days. It is quite essential to make sure you have got the excellent safety structures in the area to make sure your rights included. Private conversations we all have and we want to keep them private. 

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Whether it is an embarrassing tale, workplace gossip, or commencing up about your emotions. The last aspect you need is for someone to peer your messages or have them used to serve you advertisements. Unless you are using the encrypted messaging app, you are leaving all of it out inside the open.

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One way you could do that is via getting a comfy encrypted messaging app in your phone or tablet.

How to pick a comfy messaging app

There are numerous messaging apps in the marketplace, however now not they all are as secure as they say. All of the apps on this listing offer stop-to-cease encryption. Because of this that no person can see your ‘secret’ conversations unless they have got a personal key to decrypt your message. 

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Most significantly, which means even the service provider can’t see your words not even abusive employees, hackers, or authorities officials. But, their extra functions and shortcomings are all extraordinary.

We are going to speak the tremendous comfy encrypted messaging apps that you can get in an attempt. To help you guard yourselves against prying eyes. You are probably aware of a number of those apps, and we hope you find these apps useful on your each day usage.

So let’s have a look.


  • Makes use of the signal’s encryption
  • Most of your pals are in all likelihood on it
  • Person-pleasant and gives more features
  • Owned with the aid of facebook
  • Has experienced a breach

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WhatsApp is one of the maximum widely used messaging apps with over 1 billion users. It is smooth to use and offers functions inclusive of place and report sharing, gifs, and even laptop guide. It also makes use of the robust encryption protocol developed for a sign through open whisper systems, that is taken into consideration the industry trendy. 

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The encryption functions best forward secrecy (PFS). Because of this, even though a person manages to in some way thieves. The key for your secret conversation, they’ll only be capable of seeing the final message you have despatched. Everything else will remain private.

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Alternatively, WhatsApp owned by way of facebook, which increases considerable security worries. Collecting users’ information is in the middle of this social media large’s commercial enterprise version, and it didn’t preserve user facts safe a couple of times. Can we accept as accurate with facebook, secure encryption, however?

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Update on may additionally 14, 2019: hackers these days discovered an intense WhatsApp vulnerability and used it to install surveillance malware on a particular quantity of telephones. 

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This spyware become injected through WhatsApp audio calls. The centered person did not want to reply to the request and gave hackers get admission to victims’ text messages, emails, Whatsapp messages, contact information, calls record, location, microphone, and camera. The vulnerability has now patched. 

FB messenger

  • Maximum of your friends are probably the usage of it
  • You could use it even in case you deactivate your FB account
  • Encryption isn’t default
  • Doesn’t encrypt past conversations
  • Tracks your conduct

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Billions of people use Facebook and facebook messaging services, but few realize that their app gives up-to-give up encryption. That Is because Facebook did a tremendous process hiding the characteristic. To show it on, visit messenger and click on the ‘create new message’ icon in the upper left-hand corner. Then select ‘mystery.’ This person communication will now be encrypted.

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It is admirable that FB brought this feature. However, there are still many reasons why it is at the bottom of our listing. The social media massive nevertheless gather data like who you text or how regularly you operate the app. And let’s not forget that, in 2018, FB became notorious for its a couple of records breaches. They have ended up challenging to agree with your privateness.


  • Encryption became on with the aid of default
  • Collects person records primarily based on their conduct
  • Fails to encrypt other touchy facts like mobile numbers, metadata or files stored on the cloud
  • There is no question that Apple merchandise has excellent popularity.
  • When it comes to cybersecurity iPhone proprietors alternative to textual content messages. iMessage has default give up-to-quit encryption. However, it nonetheless has a group of vulnerabilities and is a long way from the maximum comfortable messaging platform.

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Data like mobile numbers and speak to lists is stored in the undeniable text in place of hashes, as are timestamps and IP addresses. The app also fails to encrypt your metadata and any statistics synced to iCloud. If everyone hacks into your cloud, they may have backdoor get right of entry to your tool.


  • Offers disappearing messages and other more exceptional capabilities
  • Clean-to-use interface
  • It is no longer an open source app
  • Encryption isn’t default
  • Uses a proprietary encryption protocol

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Over 100 million humans use telegram. It is true that the platform is simple to use, offers many more functions. It is not obligated to present out any user records to intelligence organizations as far as we realize. But, telegram is not as relaxed as it desires us to consider.

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First, it appears strange that this sort of security-oriented messaging app does not have encryption turned on by using the default. Many of those who use telegram are not aware of this, which defeats the purpose of the app.

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The telegram encryption protocol is also wrong. It becomes evolved using an in-house group with little revel in crypto, not suggested via cybersecurity experts. The app is not open source both, so the code has not been audited using any 0.33 parties. The business enterprise also does not offer any transparency reports.

Wire app

  • Open supply
  • Complies with European union records laws
  • used on the majority of internet browsers
  • Collects some facts about their users

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At first look, wire ticks all the packing containers of a virtually secure messaging app.  It offers stop-to-give up encryption, complies with all European union information and privacy laws. It is open supply, and it is not obligated to share its records with surveillance services. 

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Plus, you can apply it to most popular browsers like firefox, chrome, safari, and opera. But, twine does accumulate and keep some personal information.

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The creators of the app admitted to keeping records of who users contacted and, alas, it’s all saved in undeniable text. They also store customers’ emails, telephone numbers, and usernames. In keeping with wire, these facts made device synchronization easier and deleted once the account is deactivated.

Wickr app

  • You don’t need a telephone number or an electronic mail to sign on
  • Open supply
  • Offers ‘shredder’ characteristic
  • Doesn’t collect any user records or shop metadata
  • Offers seasoned model for businesses
  • Is probably tough to replace from different messaging structures

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This app is one of the pleasant at ease messaging apps in the marketplace. It is open-source and does not accumulate user statistics or metadata. It also gives a ‘shredder’ feature, which robotically deletes all conversations and files ever shared at the platform. You could set a timer for a while to remove them. 

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Most importantly, you don’t need a telephone variety or an email address to register, so it is even simpler to keep your lifestyles personal.

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The most effective disadvantage is that wickr is not as famous as a signal or telegram . It changed into first of all designed for agencies and enterprises, so it was not as widely marketed to regular customers. 

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Wickr nonetheless gives a paid pro version where you could have encrypted group video calls, something no other app currently gives. If you are not an entrepreneur and need to apply wickr, you’ll need to persuade your friends to move as nicely.

Signal app

  • Handles videos,SMS, group chats, voice, documents and photograph messages
  • Offers disappearing messages (with a timer)
  • Signal protocol
  • Open supply
  • Does not show user information or metadata
  • Endorsed through Edward Snowden
  • Needs a telephone quantity to sign up

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The sign is the general winner for both ios and android customers. signal created an encryption protocol that recognized as the comfiest messaging app protocol accessible. 

It offers the whole thing maximum users want. SMS, video and voice calls, organization charts, file sharing, disappearing messages, and many others without stuffing the app with advertisements and collecting user statistics. 

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It is additionally an open supply platform so everybody can test it for vulnerabilities (although no one has determined any but). Even Edward Snowden, the well-known NSA whistleblower, encouraged this app.

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The most straightforward flaw we observed is that you could not use the app anonymously and want at least your phone number to sign in. But, we still assume it is the ideal choice for the average person.

Riot.im app

Though riot. Im does now not have as tons fan following as WhatsApp and the likes. This app is totally underneath your manager on the subject of protection. 

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Rebellion offers its person the liberation from texting with the fear of facts breaching. You could percentage the most personal and confidential messages to humans throughout the globe without traumatic about your safety violation and facts mining. 

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This app is giving strenuous opposition to the competition in terms of safety and safety functions, and users love it.

Riot. im was evolved to make “collaborations better.” The app presents high-give up protection features to its customers and enables messaging, voice and video calling, convention calling, replacing files, and many others at the app. 

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Riot uses the metric well known to collaborate various productivity apps in a single app without subjecting the consumer facts to potential cyber threats. The comfort of managing all your partners and clients it gives you all at one vicinity at the same time as also protective your facts in the mild form viable.

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You could manage your setting and tweak it the way you need. The app is likewise an open supply for security auditing, so you realize precisely how at ease your texts are. Download the app and see how it works; you will ultimately like it right away.

Kaizala app

Microsoft picked up all that went missing in apps like Whatsapp, Skype, slack, and so forth and created an amalgam of all those functions inside the form of kaizala. By way of far, kaizala is one of the most productive apps within the history of communication apps. 

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The app allows you to talk together with your pals, family, and associates even as additionally permitting a comfy file sharing amongst contacts. Kaizala is a cell phone number based app that supports a stop to stop encryption of all of the chats, whether personal or in organizations.

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This app is specially made for establishments to allow secure communication amongst employees and companions inclusive of vendors, customers, and many others for any agency. But, the first-rate part of the platform is that you don’t need to shuffle among apps for specific purposes. 

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You can use the platform for chatting with your personal and professional contacts at the same time as also coping with your office work like file sharing, making bulletins, organizing group meetings, and many others. Users can leverage the particularly beneficial kaizala movements to carry out all expert sports on their telephones.


Viber is a great app that has been around for quite some time. The number one characteristic of this app changed into to provide VOIP calls, even earlier than WhatsApp enabled the function. WhatsApp’s expanding feature list has made Viber incredibly out of date. 

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However, if you want an appropriate opportunity for apps like telegram or WhatsApp, Viber will get the job achieved. Much like WhatsApp, Viber connects for your tool the use of your telephone number, so there’s no want to get twisted up in complicated pin and usernames.

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All calls and messages on Viber encrypted via default. You assured that none of your conversations tracked. The app also permits you to make global calls at no cost, that is a superb characteristic to have. 

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You furthermore may get functions like gifs, stickers, media and so forth, so it is no unique from another immediately messaging utility obtainable. Even though Viber is unfastened to download, it comes with advertisements and in-app purchases, so it is not as suitable as several alternative apps.

Line app

Even though earlier than you might not have heard of line. It is a top-rated app in Asia with over half one billion installs on the google play store on my own. 

The range also works as a social network on its very own given its timeline feature, permitting you to percentage quick moments together with your contacts. Indeed, it additionally comes with encryption, which turned into enabled as a feature in 2015. 

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The comfy key is saved at the user’s tool and no longer on a valuable server, that means no person has got admission to those but you.

In terms of features, the line has plenty to offer. It lets in you to make group video or voice calls, something that maximum immediately messaging apps do not provide. 

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Requests made from a telephone or a pc, including further versatility to the app. Line additionally lets in you to make international calls immediately from the app with the company promising notable low charges consistent with the request. Appeals to different line customers are entirely free, but. 

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The app also has a massive series of stickers to decorate each communique. It is an unfastened download at the play save however comes with ads and in-app purchases.

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