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The Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS are the two largest distribution channels for best mobile apps They are usually a free go-to platform for Android and IOS apps, that satisfies all our needs.  They come pre-installed on most of the devices, and it usually works well.

Although they offer a large collection of free applications some of them might not be available there. Any application may not be offered in your country, or your phone may not have access to it in the Play Store. This is not an issue at all. There’s life beyond these app stores. Many alternative app stores are in the market out there that you can use anytime you want.

By downloading one of them, you will gain access to thousands of apps that aren’t available on the Google Play Store and Apple store. These app stores only let you download apps, but they also have a free version of the paid application or might give a discount on premium applications.

Why use another app store?

There are a number of reasons that you might want to go beyond Google Play and Apple store. Most of the alternative app markets out there offer something to set themselves apart. Here’s a quick rundown of the main incentives:

  • Many app stores feature free apps, a discounted premium version, or some other money-saving offer.
  • Similarly, these stores might offer relevant apps that don’t pop up in the Google Play top charts.
  • Some apps stores have a specific focus and a smaller selection of app choices that have been filtered for quality, age group, or purpose.
  • There are app stores that specifically cater to different countries and may offer localized apps you wouldn’t find on pre-installed app stores.

What are the risks?

You might be thinking that there must be some risk or viruses behind these apps that are being downloaded through these stores. Yes, The biggest risk is malware. Security policy on different app stores vary; some will perform similar safety checks like Google, while others may want. poor user experience is another problem that you may encounter. These app stores may also carry pirated versions of apps and games.

The terms and conditions may result in enforced promotions, the developer portal might be less than transparent, and updates can take longer to push out. It is highly advisable that you download the apps you need and not go exploring these Play Store alternatives.

How to install ?

Installation of apps from any source other than Play Store is blocked by default. So, the first thing you need to do is to enable application installation from unverified sources. In order to do that you must first follow these steps and boom, you are done!

  • Go into your Settings menu
  • Open Security
  • Check the unknown sources box

The apps you download through these stores may not have Google’s in-house security either. To use these 3rd party app installers, it is important to make sure there is enough space on your device.

In this article, I am going to show you some of the top free app stores for Android apps.

Let’s get started!

Android App Store options

My Favorite 5 Android App Stores

The following list will provide you complete information with the Best Apps Stores that are free and how to install them on iOS and Android devices.


The Amazon Appstore for Android is an app store for the Android operating system operated by Amazon.com. It is Amazon’s online store for purchasing and downloading software applications and mobile apps for the company’s Kindle line of e-book readers as well as other Android-powered devices. The top profile alternative to Google Play is the Amazon Appstore.

There you can get thousands of free and paid apps, as well as paid apps for free. The Amazon Appstore features 487,083 applications available for download Aside from great free.  The best thing about the Amazon App Store is that it is available for both Android and iOS users.

The Amazon App Store has a huge selection of books, movies and songs – often at lower prices than on Google Play. It offers an amazing feature “Free App of the Day” Every day, an application, frequently a game was offered for free. Developers are paid 70% of the list price of the app or in-app purchase.

How To Install?

Visit https://www.amazon.com/androidapp on your device.

credits: amazon

2# GET JAR  

Get Jar is an alternate independent app store app with a verity of free apps to download. It is one of the oldest available websites to offer thousands of android apps and games for free. Get Jar is basic, but apps are divided into categories and sub-categories within the store so that it makes it easier to find.  This store isn’t just for Android phones either, it has cross-platform support (iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, etc.). it also employs user comments (likes and dislikes, and Facebook support).

There are a ton of apps available here, and some of them are not even available on the Google Play Store.

How To Install Apps:

As this store has no specific app like others to install apps. So, you need to download direct APK files from the site.

  • Go to Settings in your android device.
  • In General Settings, go to Security.
  • Go to Unknown Sources under Device administration and select it.
  • A popup will show, just click OK.
  • Pull down the notification tray from the top of the screen.
  • Tap AppTitle.apk and install it.


Aptoide is an alternative marketplace for mobile apps that runs on the Android operating system. It is one of the most sophisticated app sources is out there and one of the biggest third-party android markets which let you download over 700,000 applications all over the world.

It works with a distributed network of different store providers and unifies them under the Aptoide platform. unlike Google Play Store, there is not a unique and centralized store, but each user manages their own store. However, this poses considerable security risks.

App updates come through Aptoide faster than with the Play Store. Some of the paid apps are also offered free on Aptoide.


Most manufacturers try to entice people to use their apps and services. Since Samsung can preload its own app store onto its Android devices, customers have the apps they want at their fingertips. Samsung galaxy is competent. it has a clean UI, simple navigation.

If you want to get your app on Galaxy Apps, there is a submission process to get your app certified. The income split is a standard 70/30, with 70 percent going to the developer and 30 percent for Samsung. Every Samsung Galaxy device has the app store installed so there is an immediate and large customer base.


F-Droid is one of the older app stores on the list and among the most trustworthy. It can be installed from the official website and presents an updated idea. F-Droid offers free and open-source software Android apps. It’s simple and basic, but apps on the store are categorized.  

The store experience is mostly for productivity and power user stuff. You’ll find a big selection of free apps here, with no tracking, no ads, and no dependencies.

F-droid a nonprofit volunteer organization. Unlike other app stores, it is funded by donations, and the apps themselves don’t have reviews or ratings. This is a neat little app store. With a strong customer base and absolutely no costs, there is nothing to lose by uploading your app to this store and testing out its popularity.


AppBrain is large a collection of app promotion tools and a browser-based mobile app store. It was developed for advanced users. This App Store alternative allows you access to some details that are not given at any other place.

Brands can use this free app store to make their apps more visible in various mobile app stores. There are a lot of apps you can search and download from this Store.

The filter system is executed very good and innovative features make this a unique experience for someone who is looking for depth in functionality.


This alternative Android free app store has a worldwide reach and a decent user base. Slide ME is installed on more than half of Android devices without Google Play. It offers free and premium apps in various categories and they all pass through a quality control process.

Slide Me takes a fee of 20% and offers a wide range of payment options, including PayPal, which Google Play doesn’t offer. One of the attractions for users is available globally and support for various payment.

There is probably a greater enticement for developers because Slide ME offers the chance to target a wider international audience. There is also a Slide ME ad network, and it is even possible to get a greater percentage of the revenue generated by your app with Slide ME.


Mobogenie is a free app store in a marketplace that provides good interface. Its access is offered globally. It allows the users to choose from a variety of categories and download the related apps.

Mobogenie also works as a file manager, and it allows you to download other content beyond apps such as wallpapers, ringtones, books, and YouTube videos.

Mobogenie has some interesting features, such as a PC client, meaning you can easily transfer files back and forth between your phone, tablet, and computer.

Developers may also find this free app to be a great option for selling their apps.


Apk updater can be proclaimed the biggest website and App Store for Apk files today. It consists of a list of apps and games that are totally free. it pursues a one-line goal: delivers updates earlier than others. APK Updater isn’t really an app store, but it has a neat function.

You can update your existing apps without the use of another app store. What APK Updater does is show you a list of all the apps that need to be updated, each one with its corresponding APK Mirror link or links to other websites where you can download APKs.


This is another free mobile app store for android that also hosts applications for the Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu OSs. With 2.5 million malware-tested apps available, Upto down seems to be a reliable Play Store alternative. they have a cool feature of being available in 12 languages and offers localized content for each of them, providing free downloading. Uptodown has no payment system. 

There is no paid content on this platform. Uptodown seems neat, tidy and user-friendly. If you are generally worried about security, you can rest your mind with this one. They use Virus Total, having reported on all files, based on results from more than 50 antiviruses in total. Uptodown has a news blog and tutorials related to the world of software, as well as an official application for Android.


Although Itch.io caters almost exclusively to games and gamers, it’s still worth mentioning. The store is normally accessed via the Web on a PC. there is an Android-specific area on this free app store where you can purchase and download many interesting games.

You won’t find in-app purchases here. Many brands have discovered that gamification makes their apps more appealing and more likely to be used and incorporating gameplay into an app can make it more popular. Ranging from free, to just a few dollars, and with everything from puzzle games, to adventure games.

The great thing about Itch.io is that it was built for both developers and consumers, so it covers both bases beautifully. they can control exactly how much money itch.io gets on purchases. However, the interface isn’t as intuitive as some of the other alternatives on the market, but it possesses a clarity of its goal.


AC Market app is an alternative to the Google Play Store which provides the latest APK files of best hack apps for free.  Whether or not you want to host your app on AC Market, you should be aware of this mobile app store’s existence.

It’s designed specifically for cracked, hacked, or modified apps, which means that the apps found here have been altered to remove so-called “undesirable” features. AC Market is very popular because of its amazing features and a huge library of apps.

 This app is one of the biggest unofficial apps store with more than 15,000 applications and free and all the apps you download from this are also free of cost. This app is constantly under development and improvements are provided frequently by the developers through new updates.


Opera has been around for a long time. They have also enlisted them on amazing browsers. The store has over 100 million visits every single month, and there are over a million downloads each day.

This app Store is pleasantly stocked. However, if you are worried about your security and only want to download apps from reliable sources, this is as reliable as it can get.

A developer can get access to this huge audience and that is completely free. Opera Mobile Store, however, does take 30% of any sales, but it is worth it for the sales that are generated by this app.


This Android-only online app store has been around for several years and developed an almost cult-like following. 1Mobile Market is only for free apps so it is a great place to upload an app to test it out on the market. though it mainly focuses on games and entertainment, it equally supports other types of app.

The marketplace itself costs nothing to upload your app but this doesn’t mean it is crowded with low-grade apps. Every application on this app store to pass through a selection process to check for malware and to keep a high quality of 1Mobile Market app store

A beneficial recommendation system based on preferences means that apps can become successful very quickly. providing its huge user base to hundreds of thousands of high-quality apps from all over the world. it is a great place to upload your app.


A base of millions of customers and thousands of downloads per day; Mobango is a forerunner for a Google Play alternative. Mobango Store is another unique app store.

It has a relatively small app total in its store so it isn’t too difficult to become one of its top downloaded apps. Uploading your app on this free app store is completely free and no percentage is taken.


Choosing the best alternative Android market may seem to be a tough task. Every store has its pros and cons. Although there are already many free independent app stores for Android devices on the stage – there will appear even more of them in the future.

We need many little stores each with its own features struggling for the audience and improving services on a daily basis. On these free alternative app stores, you can sell your Android application, with each store having its pros and cons.

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