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ISTIK aka goistik was a brand started by Alissa Huber back in Oct, 2008.

They started off with just one product in their sales funnel and that was a Ipod Nano sticking case. Both atheletes and individuals loved it in the gym and for long jogs.

ISTIK re-launched in April, 2019. This time unfortunately Alissa Huber is not in it. We have new owners that have started it as a Cell Phone Accessories store with pretty much all types of cell phone related accessories and pretty much we have all brands in our arsenal.

While we do not manufacture any of the wireless accessory products that we sell, but we play a strategic and essential role in acquiring from the makers and efficiently deliver them to those who bring the products and services to life.

At ISTIK you can instantly access to one of the most comprehensive arrays of mobile phone accessory products including protective cases, cables, batteries, chargers, headphones, speakers, screen protectors, leather pouches, multi-touch pointers, universal mounts, and Bluetooth technology accessories.

We’re looking forward to doing business with you.

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